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Why then should we be surprised that young women are seeking validation in real time? Growing up, I heard that I would be so much prettier if I lost weight so I looked more like my mom or sister. Skip dinner, get plastic surgery, just do whatever it takes, because leaving the house ugly is not acceptable. As a teenager, I grappled with the same insecurities as the young women on YouTube. I so desperately wanted to be pretty because that meant I was valuable.

Disturbing YouTube Trend Has Young Girls Asking the Internet, 'Am I Pretty or Ugly?'

Images of pretty girls pulling ugly faces sweep the web | Daily Mail Online

By Unity Blott For Mailonline. Hilarious photos of attractive women pulling unattractive faces have emerged on social media. The images, shared in a series of online galleries, show hundreds of ladies doing their very best 'ugly' faces in the bizarre craze sweeping the web. One Reddit thread, devoted entirely to the hideous selfies, receives dozens of submissions a day and has some 42, subscribers. Female users are instructed to take a 'normal' headshot of themselves and then follow it up with goofy teeth, squashed lips and double chins - and they certainly don't hold back in their efforts, as these pictures show.

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Thirteen-year-old Ruby Karp was sitting in a dark corner of a coffee shop on the Upper West Side, angling a glowing iPhone underneath her chin. She scrunched up her face and tilted her head downward. She sent the photo to a half-dozen friends, took a sip of her hot chocolate, and by the time her mug hit the table, three new images had flashed onto her screen. The third appeared so quickly there was hardly time to look before it disappeared into the ether of Snapchat.