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It was also released on vinyl on inch. The album itself does not include a cover, but only the disc and the case. The first song "Streamlined", which has been described as having a steady drum beat, odd noises and echoing guitar effects, [3] appears three times on the album; the second two being remixes of the same general loop. However, the split has a considerably lower level of production than Vaya , and lacks the full sound found on Relationship of Command , attributed to not having Ross Robinson producing it. Generally, reception for the album was positive, [8] [9] and Matthieu Moquet of Mowno Magazine has called it "dark and phenomenal". Production Staff [13].

IN DEPTH : Glorious – British Hardcore for the Sunshine.

IN DEPTH : Glorious – British Hardcore for the Sunshine. | DISCOVERED MAGAZINE

The band recorded their debut album, Ljubavna likvefakcija Love Assassifaction , released through Jugodisk , combining rap and hardcore punk with sexually overt lyrics, being thus distanced from the mainstream media but nevertheless gaining a loyal fan base. The followup, Sh. During the Summer of , the band released the single "Kokane" "Cocaine" , which beside the title track also featured the songs "Mental kokane" and "Atmo-capella ' After the single release, due to their increasing popularity, the band held a sold-out concert at the Belgrade Sports' Hall , on February As the previous releases, the album was produced by Atman Active. The new material featured the same macho erotic lyrical style, reaching its climax in the track "Kurva" "Whore" , becoming one of the most vulgar and morose song in the history of popular music in Serbia. After the album release, the band went on hiatus which turned out to be the band disbandment.

Sunshine (Serbian band)

More Images. Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our site features. Vinyl , 12", 45 RPM. Breakbeat , Hardcore. Add Review nishihashirec July 29, Report.
Glorious are your new favourite Hardcore band. Members of two of the finest British modern bands have joined forces to unite their creativity and formulate the Unashamed EP. The band, made up of members of Renounced and Employed to Serve, have crafted an EP that takes the finest elements of British hardcore and combines them with a fresh take on modern music. Resulting in an innovative and exhilarating EP that any fan of heavy music should be investing their time into this summer.