Sex with patient

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One day my colleague told me that she had slept with a patient and not just one patient. She had already had sex with a patient from Hungary, one from Colombia, one from… She seemed to have already drawn up a list of patients from different countries she had sex with. I was shocked and I could not believe it. First of all, how unethical. It is simply impossible to have relations with patients.

Sex with patients

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Douglas Mossman, MD Dr. Mossman is director, Glenn M. A psychiatrist retires from practice and goes into some other line of work—perhaps managing a restaurant. If the former patient suffers some injury, a successful suit could follow—if not on grounds of malpractice, then on other grounds. Doctors and patients often develop erotic thoughts about each other. Sex between a therapist and a patient is likely to cause emotional injury.

Doctor stripped of licence after she had sex with patient in hospital bed

This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. The day after she diagnosed a patient with cancer, Dr. Theepa Sundaralingam gave him her personal phone number and Instagram handle.
In California, when a patient reveals to a psychotherapist that during the course of a prior treatment the patient engaged in sexual intercourse or other sexual behavior or sexual conduct with the previous psychotherapist, there is a requirement to give the patient a specified brochure a government publication and to discuss the contents of the brochure with the patient. Some may ask why there is no requirement for the subsequent therapist to report such alleged unlawful or criminal behavior on the part of the prior therapist. The patient should be the one who chooses to report the wrongdoing after the patient has been made aware of information regarding therapist sex with patient and the several options that can be pursued. What is the law in your state? A question that consumer advocates in California and elsewhere may ask is why the brochure must be given only in the limited circumstance indicated above.