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Roddick is the younger daughter of Anita and Gordon Roddick. Roddick's early activism included talks, fundraisers and projects worldwide. In the brand was purchased by British sex shop Lovehoney. The name comes from the coco de mer palm tree of the Seychelles , which has the largest seed in the world. Bondage for Freedom was founded in , focusing on fighting for human and environmental rights. Roddick is an advisor on The Joy of Teen Sex.

E4 – Sam Roddick on Death, Sex & Activism // Life as a disobedient woman

“The sex industry is f***ing diabolical”: Artist Sam Roddick on the modern politics of sex

When you're providing something new in the sex market, it doesn't sell at first. People circle it like a cat, sniffing, edging towards it. A year later it will be your bestseller. People go from recoiling in horror to thinking "that's not so bad", to "that's kind of interesting, I'm going to buy it". It's an emotional process. Simple: a lube. It has to be one of the best sex toys you can have - it's cheap, highly effective and safe and it assists you.

Samantha Roddick: Hidden Within

Sam Roddick picks up a Double Pleasure dildo and strokes it affectionately. She is giving me a little tour of her shop, the up-market sex emporium Coco de Mer in London's Monmouth Street. With a few deft flicks of her wrist she expertly demonstrates how to use a tickling stick, and then leads me to the changing room where she shows me a secret peek-a-boo camera for customers inclined towards taking saucy snaps. Roddick, 38, has had the shop for 10 years now and talks with absolute ease on her subject — endlessly dropping highly sexual terms and graphic descriptions into her conversation. Recently, however, she was shocked to find there is one issue that leaves her completely tongue-tied.
In this episode Amisha Ghadiali sits down with activist, artist, provocateur and entrepreneur Samantha Roddick - founder of lingerie brand and sex shop Coco De Mer. Sam speaks about her parents, their parents and the family dynamics that cultivate activism, delivering education through entrepreneurship, how to live in balance as an activist, the illusion of individual success and the power of individual actions and the difference between values and politics. Jump to.