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A review of pornography use research: Methodology and results from four sources. The widespread electronic transmission of pornography allows for a variety of new data sources to objectively measure pornography use. Recent studies have begun to use these data to rank order US states by per capita online pornography use and to identify the determinants of pornography use at the state level. The aim of this paper is to compare two previous methodologies for evaluating pornography use by state, as well as to measure online pornography use using multiple data sources. We find that state-level rankings from Pornhub.

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Edition: Available editions Global Perspectives. Become an author Sign up as a reader Sign in. When it comes to discussing pornography and sexuality with their children, parents have to learn to be quiet and listen. The emergence of female-oriented erotica has been portrayed as a sign of women's liberation, but research indicates that it reinforces cultural scripts of pornography targeting men.

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Anecdotal reports from Bangladesh indicated that some young adults were becoming addicted to online pornography similar to how others become addicted to gambling, drugs, and alcohol. Such behaviors can have social, academic, and behavioral implications in this population. This study investigated the association between consumption of online pornography and sociobehavioral patterns among students from a private university in Bangladesh.
Streaming videos were decidedly the most frequent form of use. The majority of those surveyed did not report any negative effects of pornography use on their sexual function, sexual, and relationship satisfaction. Instead, over one-quarter of students in relationships reported beneficial effects on its quality. The most common self-perceived adverse effects of pornography use included: the need for longer stimulation Age of first exposure was significantly associated with reported need for longer stimulation and more sexual stimuli to reach orgasm when using pornography, decrease in sexual satisfaction, and quality of romantic relationship, neglect of basic needs and duties due to pornography use, and self-perceived addiction in both females and males.