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The main service provided at Pink Salons are raw uncovered fellatio Bareback Blowjob with a cum in mouth finish. Showering facilities are non-existent and the only type of cleaning you will receive before service will be with a hot moist towel that is commonly used at Japanese restaurants. Pink salons are the hardest and the least foreigner friendly out of all the sex services available in Japan as you can see on our sex shop directory. We've only discovered 6 in all of Tokyo that accept non-Japanese nationals openly. Being able to speak Japanese won't make any difference when visiting other unlisted pink salons as they will refuse you service solely based on your ethnicity alone.

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Tokyo Adult Guide. Hi All — Nice to see this place back up and running! I find that this and Hinomaru are interchangeable and if you look on a map to figure out which ones closest any is OK as service is similar. Most expensive of the 3 here however you do get 2 goes if you want that go I guess it evens out.

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Column Japanese Fuzoku You probably can do kissing or touching, it depends on the store. Play style is straightforward.
Only Wandi exclusively guarantees foreigners are allowed entry. Due to this service being so unique and only found in Japan, foreigners or none Japanese speakers are not allowed. Only Wandi exclusively provides entry access for our customers. Gotanda District, close to subway.