Nami one piece anime

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Nami (One Piece) - Wikipedia

July 3, Cancer [6]. Blue tattoo Black in the manga on her left shoulder which represents mikan and pinwheels. East Blue. Straw Hat Pirates.

She is the third member of the crew and the second to join, doing so during the Orange Town Arc. She was formerly a member of the Arlong Pirates and initially joined the Straw Hats so that she could rob them in order to buy back her village from Arlong. However, she legitimately joined the Straw Hats after they rebelled against and defeated Arlong. Her dream is to make a map of the entire world. She currently has a bounty of 66,,
Nami is one of the main characters in Eiichiro Oda's One Piece series. As the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates, Nami is one of the most important people in the entire series, something she doesn't get enough credit for. Nami dreams of drawing a map of the entire world, which is why she's sailing with the Straw Hat Pirates right now.