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Sexualised men in video games have always been a rarity. An exotic treat every once in a while which you chalked up to a systems error or a rendering malfunction. There were certainly exceptions and there were certainly many instances of attractive male characters, but they were almost always framed through the creative lense of a primarily straight, primarily male development team. As such, male character designs were not developed with the intention to titillate the player but rather act as a masculine vessel for them.

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Spider-Man PS4 - How to Unlock the Secret Undies, Homemade and Dark Suits | Accelerated Ideas

One of the many problems with the modern day superhero comic is its obsession with sexualising its characters. Presenting them in a series of ludicrously skimpy costumers that would most likely impede close quarters hand to hand contact and not exactly protect the combatant in question. And this week's relaunch of Amazing Spider-Man falls right into that trap, not that you'd know it from the cover if you got the main cover, that is. Because the cover presents a rather happy Spider-Man in full costume with his mask off, the goofy smile indicating that Peter Parker has returned to his noggin as opposed to the dour Doctor Octopus who has been living there for the past year.

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