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I have quite a few friends that frequent AMP's but I had never gone. I never understood the appeal of paying for a handjob. All that changed a few years back. A little bit about myself.

That Time I Went To A Massage Parlour

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Another long day inside a gray glass and steel skyscraper. My boss stopped by and looked at the paltry pile in my inbox and suggested I take the rest of the day off. Big deal, two extra hours. I had to wait for the train after 5 anyway. Two hours to kill.

REAL Asian Massage Parlor Stories #1

We moved to the outskirts of Honolulu and enjoyed living in paradise. However our life at home had become a little stale, especially in the bedroom. She had always wanted to move to HI and now that she was here, the heat in the bed seemed to get turned down to a simmer. Sex was once a week if I was luckky and it was straight missionary.
This is a true story but for some reason I have had a hard time writing about it. I once changed my entire career path because of a bank account manager who gave me goosebumps. Ashley was her name. Like all good sales people, she made my time at the bank a good experience. Ashley made me feel more confident and positive.