Lil barnacle mosh pit

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Lil barnacle moshpit Instrumental and acapella versions made by Artificial Intelligence. Suitable for karaoke parties and professional DJs. Vocal music without instrumental accompaniment. Perfect for practicing playing your favorite instrument. Our service will make you 2 outputs - instrumental version vocals removed and acapella version music removed.

Moshpit - Lil Barnacle (ft. P.O.P & Wasabi) Review

MOSHPIT - song by Lil Barnacle, P.O.P, Wasabi | Spotify

Lil Barnacle is a 14 year old rapper. He makes some proper shit music but it is actually pretty funny. This verse is pretty fucking funny, I aint even gonna lie. Barnacle's super dead delivery makes all the wierd shit he says really funny. What even is this verse? I was literally dead when I first heard it, after explaining that he is a young aspiring pornstar and loves jews in a short interlude, he then raps this:. It's such a shit song but it is so damn funny.

Lil barnacle moshpit Instrumental

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