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This line stuck out a little bit to me. There have been some theories that Lapis were meant to be messengers, which would explain the wings, but it seems to be more than that. I think that Lapis was sent to earth in order to study it. Originally posted by doafhat. Originally posted by sleepyspoonie.

I just realized something.

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I know you asked before and I;m sorry for the late response! Little Human Peridot: Here. Classroom Teachers: Here. Log in Sign up. Steven universe su lapis lazuli lapis Steven universe lapis lazuli myfart. Lappy Lapizza Lazuli. The Constellation Project Steven Universe steven universe cosplay lapis lazuli cosplay steven universe lapis lazuli pearl cosplay amethyst cosplay peridot cosplay steven universe pearl steven universe amethyst steven universe Peridot anime evolution ae anyapanda cosplay su au original design steven universe au cosplay gifs amedot lapidot.

Lappy Lapizza Lazuli

God I wish my English is good enough to express what I want to say. I drew some unfinished Lapidot because they make me happy together. Log in Sign up. Ask jujueatgpie a question su steven universe steven universe lapis steven universe peridot lapidot ask me anything lapis lazuli peridot.
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