Is having sex in a pool safe

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Ah, yes. That scene. But as fun as pool sex may seem, according to ancient sex expert Dr. Ruth Westheimer, it's one of nastiest, most disgusting things you could ever do to yourself, because apparently, swimming pools are full of gallons upon gallons of piss, which is absolutely revolting. Nooo thank you.

Is It Safe To Have Sex In A Pool Or Hot Tub? Experts Explain It All

Is It Safe to Have Sex in a Pool? | POPSUGAR Fitness

Between the skimpy clothes and all the sweating going on, warm sunny weather is practically an aphrodisiac — so it goes without saying that when your half-naked sig-o is doing that glisten-y thing in the pool, you want to get it on. Like, right now. But how safe is sex in the pool really? There are three major issues at play during swimming pool sex — lubrication, irritation and infection.

6 Ways Sex on a Beach or in a Pool Can Harm Your Vagina

There's something incredibly sensual and natural about the feeling of water on your skin. If you're swimming in a pool with someone special, wearing next to nothing, and maybe sipping down a few cold cocktails to help cool you off, your inhibitions may wash away, increasing the desire to slip off your bathing suit and get hot and heavy. So is it safe to have sex in the pool? Or should you save your naked nookie time for dry land? Pool sex is not as sexy as it sounds because — sorry to kill the mood — it brings up three not-so-sexy issues.
When it comes to summertime sex, it's hard not to think about having sex in a pool or in the ocean. Or lake. Or river. Or maybe even while rolling around on a Slip'n Slide under a sprinkler.