Irish girls opinion on circumcision

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Search Search. Menu Sections. Kathy Armstrong Twitter Email. Female circumcision "has been described in a horrible way" and should be considered in certain circumstances, a member of the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland has said. D r Ali Selim called female circumcision "an inherited practice" and said parents should be allowed to have it carried out on their daughter if a doctor says it's necessary.

Circumcision and culture

Readers Blog: Genital mutilation is not ‘female circumcision’

Madam, - In your report "Irish medical experts oppose operation" The Irish Times, August 22nd a comparison is drawn between male and female circumcision. Removal of the male foreskin is a minor surgical procedure based on religious beliefs and is widely practised across the world. What is referred to as female circumcision is an extreme practice of genital mutilation, which is not, to my understanding, based on any world religion. In relation to the provision in Irish hospitals of circumcision for infant boys for religious reasons, Dr Peter McKenna, a senior obstetrician at the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin is quoted as saying: "I don't believe in cutting bits off baby boys or baby girls. I'm a fundamentalist in that regard. While clearly doctors may differ in their views about the desirability of carrying out operations purely for cultural or religious reasons, to refer to deeply held beliefs of two of the major world religions in such terms does little to promote understanding between different cultures on our island or to contribute to rational debate on the issue.

Make female circumcision legal, says Muslim scholar

FGM is the ritual cutting or removal of the external female genitalia. We see female circumcision in the same way we see male circumcision. The same medical reason that would justify male circumcision would be the same for females. It can cause severe health complications including pain, infection, menstrual problems, urinary tract problems and sexual difficulties.
By insidiously allowing the suggestion that FGM was comparable to male circumcision, two powerful media outlets in Ireland have perhaps unwittingly undermined women, everywhere. Try this thought experiment. Imagine you are a boy of six and your father, or your grandfather, forcibly holds you down while a religious man cuts off the tip of your penis.