Ice cubes in butt

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Can I use ice cubes in sexual play?

Ice Cubes In The Ass: An Erotic Ass Play Adventure! - Boxing Forum

Ask Your Question today. I was just playing around and feeling a bit randy, as it were, and decided to stick some ice cubes up my butt. So I got a towel, a bowl full of ice cubes, sat in front of a mirror and went to town. I started out with the smaller ones that were more melted so they would be easier to insert. Got a nice icy and numb feeling in there after about 8 of the smaller ones, so I kept going. By now I was down to the larger less melted ones but kept pushing them in.

Is it normal to bleed from the anus/rectum after inserting ice cubes?

It wasn't that great it did hurt a bit when he put it in and then after they melted I felt nothing. Did he suck the ice cube first to smooth out the edges? Even if he did, it is a long way to go.
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