I jerked him off

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How to Give Him a Hand Job He'll Actually Like

While that still holds true, there is less of a need for the disclaimer in this case. The simple truth is that I've never met or heard of a woman who enjoyed giving complete handjobs. Getting a man off with nothing but your hands is tedious, and it can make your wrist pretty darn sore — but I'm guessing you guys already knew that. The sight of an erect penis that belongs to a man you lust for is exciting, there's no doubt about that. But is looking at and touching said penis enough to make.

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When your average guy hears the word "hand job," it goes through a processing factory that spits it out to his brain as "Dry claw grip parade NOOOO. I'm tired, and I already brushed my teeth. Why are handies considered the embarrassing inbred cousin of the blow job? Because they're associated with the ultimate unsexy sexual attitude: Halfheartedness.
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