How to masturbate in the bath tub

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Crazy, right? Well, within the sexual health community, we recommend sex toys that are body-safe non-toxic ingredients or materials , versatile functional, effective, multi-dimensional , accessible easy to use, not expensive , durable long-lasting , and inclusive solo or with a partner. And, for those just starting out — whatever their age, not too intimidating! The gentle pressure provided rhythmic vibrations, leading to my first of many mind-blowing orgasms. Why is the bathtub the perfect masturbation spot? Instead, comfortably position yourself in the tub and let the water hit you right where it counts — your vulva!

How to masturbate in the bathtub?

Different Ways for Men and Women to Masturbate in the Bathtub

Sooner or later the majority of us learn to achieve an orgasm from masturbatory activity of some sort or another. Once we find a way of getting off, we tend to stick with that method, as it's easy and always worked for us. Though that may be fine if all you want is a surefire orgasm, imagine the pleasure a new technique might bring you. In this section we have recorded a whole range of techniques that we have tried or have heard of and think sound practical and fun.

Masturbation Techniques and Tips

Takeaway: Sexy solo fun in the bath, shower or hot tub? Yes, please! During Masturbation Month , we explore all kinds of ways to pleasure ourselves as well as why it's important that we do that!
Helena Lorimer June 4, There are many perks to masturbation. One, you can do it anywhere and at any time within reason, of course , and also… you know your body better than anyone else.