Girl bangs head on computer

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Lady smashes face on computer and you want to now if it is real. Facebook current viral video is of a woman in what I suspect is her dining room, just sitting and staring at the laptop camera and she suddenly smashes her face against her laptop. Woman in video smashes her face against the computer until her nose is bleeding and forehead is gushing blood. Here is the link that gets shared on Facebook which is a 9 second cut from the 1.

Crazy Woman smashes her own face on laptop in video

Black girl bangs head on keyboard - Google Документи

Startling found footage has been a staple of the online world since the dawn of the Internet. In the middle of an otherwise conventional beauty video, the possessed YouTuber enters a trance and then violently smashes her head on the keyboard. Ever since it emerged, this disturbing makeup tutorial has been the subject of a lot of speculation. Is the video real? He claims to have found evidence of paranormal activity that resulted in four people going missing. The video has resurfaced recently because the uploader has posted an update after a two-year hiatus on his social media accounts. Online sleuths who buy the video's authenticity are worried about the woman's safety.

This Woman May Have Been Possessed During Her YouTube Makeup Tutorial Video, But Is It Real?

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