Clergy who sexually abuse adult women

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Adult victims of sexual exploitation by clergy often don't see themselves as victims. Without wider public awareness of the extent and impacts of this form of sexual violence, adults who have been sexually victimized by a beloved priest, pastor, minister, rabbi or other clergy will remain the "silent majority" of clergy sexual abuse victims, suffering in their shame and self-isolation. An editorial in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on February 8, advises the following: Talk to police first: Sexual abuse is a crime, and it needs to be reported first to law enforcement, not to officials of other institutions. If you are a victim of sexual abuse or if you know someone who has been sexually abused or you know of a case of sexual abuse, you need to report that to the police or other civil authority before you report it to anyone else.

When Pastors Prey: Overcoming Clergy Sexual Abuse of Women

Sexual Abuse by Clergy — FaithTrust Institute

Yet that bond is severed by sexual exploitation and abuse, a phenomenon sadly present in Christian churches around the world. When Pastors Prey, focused particularly on abuse of women, can be a vital resource for understanding and addressing a problem that undermines the Gospel itself. While clergy abuse of children has received worldwide attention from media and legal authorities, little has been written about the more widespread and devastating phenomenon of clergy abuse of adult women. This prophetic project breaks the silence and gathers the resources to address a problem that undermines the very foundations of pastoral work and institutional Christianity. When Pastors Prey not only brings forward the stories of many women whose trust has been abused by their pastors.

The Silent Majority:

Much attention has been paid in recent years to the horrific sexual abuse of minors in the church, and rightly so. But many men and women who experienced sexual abuse by members of the clergy in adulthood have yet to receive compassionate acknowledgment of the harm they have suffered. Regardless of the age at which sexual abuse by clergy was experienced, churches of all denominations have a long distance to travel in setting up healing ministries for and with survivors.
Female Victims of Clergy Abuse Recent stories of interest Abuse by priest haunts Canadian woman Even when she lived on a remote Gulf Island where no one locked their doors and everyone knew each other, Joanne Morrison felt nervous whenever her children stepped out the door. Morrison felt trapped by her own childhood memories of sexual abuse and felt paranoid over the safety of her own kids. Morrison was first molested by her priest when she was eight years old. The abuse lasted about three years, but the pain never went away, she said. Complaints of sex abuse by nuns begin to emerge Even now, decades later, the victims' voices falter as they describe the encounters that damaged them in ways they cannot fully cast off.