Black girl

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Watch the trailer. A Senegalese woman is eager to find a better life abroad. She takes a job as a governess for a French family, but finds her duties reduced to those of a maid after the family moves from Dakar to the south of France. In her new country, the woman is constantly made aware of her race and mistreated by her employers.

Ousmane Sembène’s ‘Black Girl’ Turns 50

Black Girl review – Ousmane Sembène’s groundbreaking film dazzles 50 years on | Film | The Guardian

The first sub-Saharan film to make a major impact in Europe and North America, Black Girl radiates with an expressive tone, despite some script compression and the typical production obstacles of a mids independent film. They drive along the coast of the Mediterranean and reach a small, sparsely decorated apartment in Antibes. Accepting the move to France is something of a bait-and-switch. The children are nowhere to be seen, and her tasks are reduced only to cooking and cleaning. Promises from Madame to take Diouna out shopping never come to fruition, and soon she feels like a prisoner. The sound design in Black Girl is similar to other low-budget independent productions of the time. There is very little synchronous sound, and most of what we hear from Diouna is in voiceover.

Black Girl

An avowedly political artist — he had been a labor organizer and a novelist before turning to filmmaking — Mr. Sixty-five minutes long, filmed in a handful of locations in narrow-screen black-and-white, with sound dubbed in afterward, the movie can be regarded, among other things, as a masterpiece of thrift. The unsynchronized dialogue, which seems to float above the heads of the characters rather than emerging from their mouths, gives the action a dreamlike quality and infuses an objectively grim, realistic story with poetry and longing.
The film centers on Diouana, a young Senegalese woman, who moves from Dakar , Senegal to Antibes , France to work for a rich French couple. In France, Diouana hopes to continue her former nanny job and anticipates a cosmopolitan lifestyle. But from her arrival in Antibes, Diouana experiences harsh treatment from the couple, who force her to work as a servant. She becomes increasingly aware of her constrained and alienated situation and starts to question her life in France. This was the director's first feature-length film.