Bisexual health

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Human Rights Campaign. As a medical student who identifies as bisexual, I feel compelled to try to bridge the gap between the bisexual and medical communities. First, some statistics about the state of bisexual health right now. Studies have consistently found that bisexual people have higher rates of mental health problems than heterosexual, gay, and lesbian people. The incidence of mood disorders and anxiety among bisexual women is

Bisexuality, minority stress, and health

Bisexual Health Awareness Month

USA, ude. A newly emergent literature suggest that bisexual men and women face profound health disparities in comparison to both heterosexual and homosexual individuals. Using standard techniques, we developed and administered a scale to a purposive online sample of adults from a wide range of social networking websites. We conducted exploratory factor analysis to refine scales assessing attitudes toward bisexual men and bisexual women, respectively. Using generalized linear modeling, we assessed relationships between BIAS scores and sexual identity, adjusting for covariates. Across scales, sexual identity significantly predicted response variance.

Bisexual Health Awareness Month Draws Attention to Community’s Urgent Health Needs

The BRC invites individuals, organizations, media outlets, companies, and more to participate all month long by posting online using BiHealthMonth, hosting local community events, donating to the Bisexual Resource Center, and more. The BRC envisions a world where love is celebrated, regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression. Visit www.
Bisexual men and women face numerous health issues that need to be identified and addressed as a distinct subset of health issues for the broader LBGT community. This is of growing importance as an increasing percentage of young people identify themselves as sexually attracted to more than one gender. In a study of urban Pittsburgh teenaged girls ages who identified as LGBT, the majority of identified themselves as bisexual. UK, A survey of U.