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Photo courtesy of flickr contributor Gregor Schmidinger. Most smokers know of the risks associated with cigarettes, yet continue puffing away. British surveys find that fully half of smokers say they would quit to improve their sex appeal, and that 88 percent do not realize that smoking is a major cause of impotence. As a person who has lost three uncles to smoking-related illnesses, I have learned about the dangers of smoking firsthand. I also know that smoking has been synonymous with sexiness for many years; despite the obvious dangers, the rugged cowboy in Marlboro commercials was the epitome of sex appeal.

What You Need to Know About Smoking and Getting Pregnant

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If you smoke, it is likely to take you longer to get pregnant than a non-smoker. Most couples who have regular, unprotected sex every days will get pregnant within a year. But for smokers, the chance of getting pregnant are cut by almost half each month. Quitting smoking improves the lining of the womb. If you give up smoking now, your chances of getting pregnant faster will increase.
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