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This not being the most honest of industries, a lot of the money men went quiet when he sent the script for his followup project, which would turn out to be something of a difficult second album. In brief, the book tells the story of four characters living in Brooklyn replaced in the film by Coney Island struggling with addiction, delusion and obsession, all struggling with how to navigate such waters in the shadow of New York City. When Aronofsky asked Selby for his blessing, it transpired that the latter had once worked on his own screenplay years prior. One thing the two differed on was the age of their leads; Aronofsky wanted them to be much younger, between 14 and 16, to further demonstrate the devastating impact of drugs and elicit a greater emotional response from the audience. Begrudgingly, Aronofsky relinquished the point. More often than not Leto, A Serious Actor, throws himself headfirst into roles; be it by blinding himself for Blade Runner or being an all-round petulant shit for the entire near-decade-long Suicide Squad cycle.

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Top definition. Ass to Ass. Originally coined by the ever-excitable Uncle 'Ass-to-Ass' Hank in the movie Requiem For a Dream upon seeing two naked girls insert a large dildo in their rectums and then 'push it real good', the usage of this phrase soon became so widespread that it became a universal reply to any question, situation or insult. Would would you like for breakfast? Where shall we go on holiday this year? What should we do if the stairwell catches fire? You are such a dick, Mr Murphey.

Ass to Ass

Sam Hill is an ardent cinephile and has been writing about film professionally since He harbours a particular fondness for western and sci-fi movies. The worst of the bunch, and one of the most hard-to-watch movie scenes of all-time, has been nicknamed "Ass to Ass" by those who know it. In said scene, the tragic protagonist Marion Jennifer Connelly is subjected to a scenario so inherently despicable that you never, ever want to experience it again once you've sat through it once.
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