Amateur pornstar killer 3

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Amateur Porn Star Killer 3: The Final Chapter (2009) (V) Trailer

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See the full list. Rather than lure her in like the first film, or gain her trust as a friend in the second, he's just taken her hostage. Seemingly out of options this time around, Brandon and his camera have kidnapped a horrified young woman and brings her to a deserted landscape where he proceeds to pretty much sexually abuse and rape the crying woman as she can do nothing but cry and endure his punishment. In order to fully understand this movie you have to know about the United States in the 's. William Carlos Williams, arguably the greatest poet of all time, uses many of the same artistic devices and ingenuity as seen in this film.

Amateur Porn Star Killer 3: The Final Chapter

Amateur Porn Star Killer is an American horror film series , currently consisting of three films. Created by Shane Ryan, the original film was theatrically released in The first chapter of the series is a mockumentary about a snuff film shot, mainly consisting in a confrontation between the director of the snuff played by the same Shane Ryan and his 13 years old victim Michiko Jimenez. According to Ryan, it was filmed in one weekend.
DVD Release Jan. Synopsis Brandon is back, and he has one last order of business as the Amateur Porn Star Killer trilogy winds towards its shocking conclusion. Offered a ride by a handsome and kindly stranger, an aspiring actress real life porn star Regan Reese hops into the passenger seat of his car with no clue as to the horrors that await her. As darkness falls and the car pulls into an empty field at the edge of a small town, it doesn't take Brandon long to reveal his murderous true intentions.