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Breasts don't sag because of not wearing a bra. Neither do they sag because of running. Most girls in rural areas in Africa get married at a very young age. Fifteen and above or even below.

For the Last Time, "Tribal African Women" Are Not Proof That Bras Prevent Breast Sagging

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Looking for the Perfect Lingerie Guide? Click here! If you've followed this blog for awhile, and especially if you read our post on bras and sagging breasts from earlier this year, some of the stuff I'm about to say in this piece will probably sound a bit familiar to you. As the title made all too clear, today we're talking about the lingerie world's obsession with pointing to photos of "tribal African women" as proof that bras "work" that is, prevent breast sagging. The reason I felt compelled to revisit this topic right now is because I've seen a massiv e uptick in various lingerie sites bra bloggers, bra forums, and bra sellers claiming that bras are some kind of preventative measure or even a cure for ptosis , the medical term for breast sagging. While the distribution of misinformation is an issue in of itself, what's even worse is how quickly people turn into amateur ethnographers and field biologists when asked about the evidence for that belief.

Ethnic People 18+

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