Elana champion of lust full game

Duration: 9min 38sec Views: 345 Submitted: 19.10.2019
Category: Hardcore
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Looking incredible just a few complains such as a few spelling and grammar errors. The biggest complaint I have is how big of a tease the demo, I mean with the neat story and all of the mechanics explained just to have it end right there kinda a dick move but I understand. Also the complaint with the demo isn't much of a complaint. One suggestion I have is that when the game is released there be a skip button to skip to the game play. I can not wait for the release, great start to a great looking game. Sorry about that, we didn't figure it out before we uploaded.

Elana Champion Of Lust [Ch. 3 v1.9 Alpha]

Our goal is for Newgrounds to be ad free for everyone! Become a Supporter today and help make this dream a reality! If it doesn't load make right click with the mouse and choose "play". The game takes place on an island where the lust and passion were removed by the order of a mad King and his most powerful sorcerers. Thousands of years have past but the energy of lust was only separated from the people, not destroyed, this remaining energy condensed and took physical form becoming aware of itself.
Somewhat intrigued by the game concept. Mainly asking as I know way too many solely put focus and effort into the male area :P But yeah, think this game could be interesting. Oh, that said: Will all females be flat endowment wise, or will there be some with some actual labia as well? And the entire stat system seems interesting enough. Tbh, mainly curious on where the focus will be :P As if it's kinda unisex, or where you chose to put it, that'd be really awesome.